Ho ho ho!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
With the kids jingle belling
And everyone telling you “Be of good cheer”

It’s that fun and festive time of the year again – unwrapping gifts, decorating homes, enjoying warm sumptuous meals with your loved ones.

But how about getting into the Christmas spirit with a unique tradition – playing some holiday-themed mobile games? After all, getting together with your favourite people and having fun is what the holiday season is all about. And if the games you’re playing are true to the spirit of the holidays, there’s nothing quite like it.

Christmas Mobile games
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There are hundreds of festive mobile games, but not all are worth playing; some come with technical issues, while others are simply not that good to begin with. Well, we tried rounding up a list of 10 best holiday-themed mobile games so you have a merry Christmas.

Whether it’s running a festive farm, decorating a home, or cracking codes and puzzles, these Christmas-themed mobile games are sure to keep you in the festive spirit. So without further ado, don your most garish jumper, hang up your stocking, and dive in to the fun.

1. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Cut the Rope is back for Christmas with a holiday special version. The gameplay in Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is exactly the same as the original title – you have to cut string of candies suspended in air and take them to your dear pet. But this version also gifts you with box full of levels and challenges in a very merry Christmas theme.

Each level stands out in its own unique holiday makeover; level one guides you through the gameplay. Things get more fun as you move up the levels – level three gives you access to the bubble that you can use throughout the game.

Christmas themed games
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Level five brings in a surprising twist with Santa Claus’ socks that act as travelling portals. Additionally, stretched ropes, air cushions, automated ropes, spikes and rockets are made accessible to you in this game as you climb up the ladder of levels.

The Cut the Rope series first appeared for a limited period of time in December 2010; after which, it reappeared in 2012, 2013 and 2014 for the holidays. The Christmas version of this excellent puzzle game consists of 25 levels, with the gameplay almost identical to the original Cut the Rope game.

2. Christmas Sweeper 3 – Santa Claus Match-3 Game

Christmas Sweeper will keep you and your family hooked until long after holiday season! There are no lives to lose and you don’t have to annoy anyone to progress through the levels. This game fills the long winter evenings with lots of fun and laughter.

Merry christmas
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Have a very merry Christmas with the thousands of levels filled with activities we all are yearning to indulge in this holiday season. The gameplay includes lighting candles, clearing snow to find gifts, catching the jumping snowmen and filling all the gift bags. You can even get into some holiday mischief as you drop Santa down the chimney, burst firecrackers and peep quietly into the fridge for delicious Christmas cookies.

If you like holiday themed match 3 puzzle games, the Christmas Sweeper 3 is your best festive delight. Swap, drag and sweep the cute décor, the Christmas tree, Santa’s hat, Christmas bells and baubles, gingerbread man and snow ice crystals. You can even use Santa’s mitten as your Santa sack. Start playing this beautiful holiday themed game and you’ll be rewarded with cookies, candy and soda.

3. Winter Solitaire

Solitaire is a trend of its own; from desktops to phones to tablets, this game has always been a mainstay of digital gaming since Microsoft first introduced it in 1990.

The familiar card became more than just a computer tool; it became a part of our lives and has maintained its appeal for the last 30 years. So much so, that Solitaire was even inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame in 2019 and National Solitaire Day has been celebrated annually on May 22 since 2018.

Christmas Solitaire
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So, there’s no way the holidays will be spent without a festive version of this classic game. The popular Winter Solitaire is free for you to play on any device, from a phone to a tablet. This Christmas makeover includes a mode face-up strategy mode, where you can see all the cards, and then use that to make the best decision on which card to play next.

The game has many interesting features, including lock and key, lucky cards, random deals, feeding fishes and a special bonus system to get you in the true holiday spirit. The ultimate goal of Winter Solitaire is to clear all of the gold cards from the pyramid.

4. Christmas Stories: The Gift of the Magi

Get into a Christmas adventure with this amazing holiday game.

Getting your name on Santa’s good list is a holiday dream come true. But have you wondered of those that end up on the naughty list? Well, as the game’s tale goes by, those naughty children are often visited by the evil spirit Berta and her mean little elves and spirited away to unknown, scary places.

And this time, Berta visited your sister and it’s on you to track her down and bring her home safely in time for the holidays. In this festive adventure ride created by Big Fish Games, you are given the task of crossing levels and challenges to rescue your sister.

Games for Christmas
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Christmas is the season for giving and this game begins with establishing that a good deed goes a very long way. In the beginning of the game, you’re required to help families in need before you start searching for your sister through a world of enchanting hidden objects. You can also team up with holiday heroes like Jack Frost solve festive puzzles and marvellous mini-games.

This game ensures you have one of the best gaming experiences as it allows you to attend the cat ball in the charming bonus chapter. Play while the mice are away and enjoy a merry Christmas with the additional Collector’s Edition exclusives including collectibles, special achievements and more surprises.

5. Christmas Fever: Cooking Games Madness

Christmas is synonymous to comforting and delicious foods. So why not get into some virtual fun by cooking up a Christmas storm?

Don the hat of a world-class chef in Christmas Fever: Cooking Games Madness and work in different restaurants around the world. You can prepare, cook and serve tasty cuisine in this fast and fun restaurant simulation game and stand a chance to become a master chef in one of the best holiday-themed cooking games.

Christmas Cooking games
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This game brings to you a true festive spirit; you can open your restaurant anytime, anywhere and indulge in a cooking adventure. This festive delight is a free treat for all food lovers and you can play the game both offline and online.

If you are a true cooking enthusiast, join this cooking madness and become a star chef. The Christmas cooking city is open for you to pen down your kitchen story and start a cooking fever. You can also create your Crazy Cooking diary with tons of recipes which you can serve against the clock to your customers.

6. Farm Snow: Happy Christmas Story With Toys & Santa

Farm Snow transports you to the farmlands of the North Pole with its Christmas themed farming gameplay. While it may sound a bit odd at first, trust us, it’s a true festive fun ride. Farm Snow: Happy Christmas Story With Toys & Santa is all about exploring the North Pole and making new polar friends like Santa, Rudolph, Snowman, elves and Bigfoot.

Santa Claus games
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In this Christmas game, you celebrate and have a merry Christmas in a country-side celebration style. You’re required to grow hay every day, receive letters from children and send Santa Claus to those children bearing their gifts and wishes.

You evolve your own snow township in the North Pole and build everything from scratch. You build building, grow magic trees, harvest food and manufacture chocolates, toys, wood, paper and iron. You also feed, brush and look after all the farm guests, including the unicorn, racoon, hare and the kids.

Additionally, the Christmas game requires you to deliver orders with Rudolph’s sleigh and a polar car. You can also decorate your winter farm with flowers and lanterns. At last but not the least, you can choose to become a Christmas elf and greet all guests coming to your snow town.

7. Christmas Santa Rush Delivery

Christmas Santa Rush Delivery is a 3D driving game and you are given the task of delivering gifts to kids around town.

It’s Christmas Eve and the air is filled with fun and laughter. The townsmen are giddy with excitement and cannot wait for their gifts from Santa in this Christmas game. People are enthusiast and out on the roads, greeting other people or playing with the soft and fluffy snow, making snow castles and snowmen.

Mobile games for Christmas
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And a special car is designed for you to drive Santa around the town this Christmas evening. Painted in red and decorated with flowers, you will drive this around the whole town, carrying a bag full of gifts for the town’s people. Spread the smiles of a merry Christmas as you meet and greet people waiting to welcome Santa.

However, you will have to be careful not to hit anyone or anything on your way, so as long as you have played a racing game of any sort, you’ll be right at home here. The game’s developer also claimed that one doesn’t need an active Internet connection in order to play the game.

The gameplay of this game is easy and fun for all age groups; players are only required to drive the decorated cart on city streets. Accelerate slowly and make sure not to hit anything, and you’re set for a driving adventure this Christmas.

8. Hidden Objects Christmas Trees – Finding Object

Hidden games in December wonderland are one of the best things for cold winter days; you can snuggle under a blanket and spend hours cozily cracking codes and puzzles.

Hidden Objects Christmas Tree is a holiday themed game that requires you to find various things in specific scenarios. For instance, this Christmas game takes you to a room filled with thousands of festive stuff and you will be required to find a few from them. In this mystery, you shall look for all things Chrismassy, including candy canes, tree ornaments, Santa’s hat and mittens, snow globe, sleigh, reindeer and holiday elves.

mystery christmas games
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As you keep looking for all the hidden stuff, you can befriend a snowman and even call for the Xmas spirit to send you a good Santa who will help you in finding objects in the hidden worlds. Hints are available as well along with a zoom feature; otherwise we would never be able to find some objects in this Christmas wonderland.

Beyond all the searching for hidden things, players can also cook gingerbread cookies and sing their favourite Christmas carols. This game will undoubtedly awaken the holiday spirit and indeed bring in a very merry Christmas, so without any further delay, start playing now.

9. Find the Difference Christmas – Spot It

Take your ‘spot the difference’ experience a notch higher with this Christmas themed game. Just like the name says, this game requires you to spot difference in beautiful festive looking pictures of rooms that are presented to you side-by-side.

It’s Christmas time, so gear up for the most colourful spot the difference ride. Get into the full festive spirit, compare two most Chrismassy-looking pictures and find the difference as quickly as you can. This game is ideal for a puzzle solving enthusiast ready for an entertaining photo hunt.

Spot the difference game
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Hints are also available during gameplay and the game is free for all to play. The graphics are exceptional as well, which, due to the game’s nature, definitely plays a huge contributing part.

Beyond all the fun of mystery solving in photo puzzles, there are great benefits as well as such games provide with a much needed mental activity. ‘Spot it’ games are educational as they help players concentrate better and learn new things more quickly. These excellent brain teaser and puzzle games are nothing short of Christmas treats for the curious minds.

So if you are a true lover of such puzzles, here’s your perfect Christmas present!

10. Christmas Coloring Book

Christmas Coloring book is essentially a really nice holiday-themed digital space to play with a splash of colours.

This realistic colouring game allows you to draw and colour the same way you do on paper using different tools like crayons, pencils and brushes. The only difference is with the app, you are colouring on your phone’s display.

The UI of the game is really simple and that’s what makes it fun while keeping everything easily accessible. Besides saving the gameplay’s progress, the game also allows players to share their works of coloured art any way they like.

Christmas games for kids
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Enthusiast artists are given a palette of colours so they can paint both images and their personalised Christmas cards. Further, the game has a ‘glow colouring mode’ that enables players to create magic doodle art with neon paint.

Truth be said, this game is most apt for kids who love colouring, but nobody’s is batting an eyelid if you like to colour as well. It’s a great game to stimulate creativity in kids and unleash their imagination while keeping them occupied at the same time during the holidays.

There are over 50 free designs available in this Christmas game, in six different themes. Those themes are Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, Reindeer, Elves, Snowman, and Christmas Gifts. So don’t delay anymore and jump into a burst of colours as you welcome a merry Christmas.