Humour is entirely subjective; however, it’s not very often where we see a race for the funniest video games. They excel at portraying big-action spectacles and tough tactical challenges, but it’s much harder to find a game that attempts comedy.

Rare is the game that tries to be funny; rarer still is the one that actually succeeds.

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However, funny games do exist, and whether you’re in the mood for slapstick, satire or subversion, there’s always something for you. Sometimes the humour comes from the script, sometimes the mechanics, and sometimes it’s just the emergent joy of competing against friends. Whichever, we all remember games that have had us doubled over our controllers, helpless with laughter.

From wordplay and meta jokes to crude one-liners and cerebral chuckles, here are some of the funniest video games that will get you on the floor rolling.

1. There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension desperately tries to convince anyone who picks it up to not play it. However, hidden behind this pessimistic view hides an amazing, enjoyable adventure and one of the funniest video games.

The game is an expanded edition of a very short point-and-click puzzle game named There Is No Game. That small game was so well received that developer Draw Me a Pixel fleshed it out into a full 5+ hour adventure.

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This amusing game is relentless in its insistence that there actually is no gameplay, from blinking arrows that attempt to trick players into clicking the quit button to a narrator who continually tells them that they are wasting their time. Once players get through this barrier of denial, they will find one of the funniest and smartest point-and-click adventures to come out in a long time.

The story of the game is broken into 6 chapters, each with its own unique spin on classic video game tropes. From a Sherlock Holmes-type adventure to a Legend of Zelda nod, There Is No Game takes classic genres and turns them into mind-bending meta-puzzles that force a player to think outside the box.

The narrator also creates a sense of playing with someone else throughout the entire game and really pushes the player to continue on, or quit in some cases. He even compliments smart thinking and hilariously complains when players don’t seem to be on the right track.

There Is No Game is the perfect point-and-click adventure – it doesn’t go on forever, it requires some smart thinking and it is one of the funniest video games ever made.

2. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

There is no doubt that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one the funniest video games topping this list. On its most basic level, Fall Guys is a slapstick comedy.

Characters tumble over one another in a mass-multiplayer Three Stooges routine. It’s the kind of pure physical comedy that makes every match less about winning and more about surviving the absurdity of the game’s elaborate obstacle courses.

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But Fall Guys’ real secret weapon of humour didn’t necessarily come from the game at all. By embracing a goofy Twitter persona, Fall Guys became a memer’s paradise and the developers kept playing creatively with its community as much as possible.

It added fuel to the fire as the game spawned countless memes and players randomly harassed the yellow team. It trolled players by revealing that the squishy jelly beans were in fact full of realistic bones. It even added Big Yeetus, the hammer that yeets beans at anybody getting close to it at the wrong time and this became a useful way to shake-up the gameplay. Every tweet was another news story that kept fans entertained for months.

Fall Guys is one of the funniest video games where players could collectively create moments together, forming an entire language of inside jokes in a short span of time.

3. Journey to the Savage Planet

Games have a rich, if relatively sparse, history of satire and Journey to the Savage Planet is one of the few funniest video games that is dripping in parody. Its mordant commentary is woven throughout the fabric of the game.

You play as an astronaut working for Kindred Aerospace, which is proud to call itself the fourth best interstellar exploration company. Its CEO has taken a special interest in the planet you’ve been assigned to survey, AR-Y 26. Unfortunately, your landing was rather heavy, crippling your ship and adding to your initial task list. Besides exploring and seeing whether the planet is fit for colonisation, you’ll also need to find resources survive, to repair and refuel your ship if you ever plan on going home.

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Journey to the Savage Planet gives you a real sense of being stranded in a huge and uncharted alien environment, but carefully curates your path through it. The gameplay takes you through platform sequences, boss battles, mob fights and environmental puzzles. The game’s narrator also often calls upon you to work towards accessing previously out of reach places.

And it does all this while regularly making you laugh along with its story beats and making you curious about its central mystery – if the planet’s supposedly bereft of intelligent life, what’s that enormous tower doing right in the middle of it?

It’s a comedy-Metroidvania-survival-shooter-platformer, then, a kind of Subnautica among the stars with extra bells and whistles. And this unique fusion earns the game the title of being one of the funniest video games.

4. What The Golf?

You only need a couple of minutes of What the Golf? to get completely soaked in. What initially seems to be a silly interpretation of classic videogame mini-golf soon unravels into a full-blown fever dream, but it’s one you’ll be unwilling to wake up from.

One of the funniest video games, it begins with golf as a starting point, and then takes on a bonkers journey of absurdism that’s constantly surprising and frequently hilarious.

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You begin the game in what looks like a standard golf game, and it’s played in the expected way. You point your arrow where you’d like the ball to go, you hold a button to select the strength with which you hit the ball and it flies or rolls toward the hole. That’s just the setup, though.

The game keeps these jokes going longer and aren’t merely a matter of crazy golf props. Sure, they exploding barrels, flailing pigs, space satellites, and icky goo make it one of the funniest video games ever. But the real gags unfold when you hit the ball, or whatever weird item you are required to get into the hole.

That’s when the game gives up its laughs, whether it be a slapstick pratfall, a sly cultural reference, or a piece of over-the-top cruelty. What the Golf? is far beyond a one-note joke – it’s a polished, hilarious, enthralling and highly addictive game.

5. Trover Saves the Universe

If you enjoy the off-the-cuff humour of Rick and Morty, you have to play Trover Saves the Universe. One of the funniest video games of all time, this comes courtesy of Justin Roiland, who co-created Rick and Morty and voices both titular characters on that show.

In the game, you don’t control the eponymous Trover, as you’re instead playing the role of a Chairopian, an alien who absolutely never gets up from their teleporting hover chair. Trover is the guy who does all the leg work, as you set out to rescue your two stolen dogs from a monster called Glorkon.

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The game regularly mocks not just the plot but the whole concept of video game storytelling and structure, which is something every gamer can appreciate whether they like Rick and Morty or not. The game is filled is filled with a cynical self-awareness of not only how silly it is but how absurd games in general can be. Full of hilarious, rambling diatribes and gut-busting non sequiturs, Trover Saves the Universe is undoubtedly one of the funniest video games out there.

The game’s usually at its funniest when dealing with the many background characters, who by accident or design manage to elongate the running time well beyond the four or so hours of gameplay. As with all humour, a lot of it is hit and miss, but while the script relies a little too much on swearing to get itself out of a comedy cul-de-sac, the hit rate is impressively high.

6. Hades

There is nothing Hades can’t do. After all, it’s an unbelievably tight rogue-like that solves many players’ issues with the genre by adding real progression hooks and a weighty narrative. The combat is always fun and ever-changing, there are tons of micro-goals to chase and the cherry on top is – it’s goddamn funny.

Hades might seem moody on its surface, with its brooding hero Zagreus grappling with issues with his father, but there is so much to laugh about around every corner. Events like Dusa bashfully zipping away from Zagreus after any potential flirt attempt or Tisiphone and her never-ending quest to say something other than murderer makes this one of the funniest video games ever made.

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The game sneaks humour into its narration as well. The narrator tries to create different scenarios to describe how Zagreus ultimately met his match. “In his great hurry to explore the country-side, the hapless-footed Prince steps on the peel of a most-exotic sallow-coloured fruit, and tumbles backward with such sudden, violent force that you-know-what occurs”.

Hades’ comedy succeeds because it’s always built around impeccably constructed characters. The game has an incredibly eclectic cast of Gods that each has their own distinct personality. Rather than sprinkling in easy one-liners, Supergiant gives every character their own tics, thus emerging as one of the funniest video games of all time. Like its gameplay, the humour, as the game proceeds, is always building on itself.

7. Hilarious Hidden Object Game with Funny Jokes

If you want to tickle your funny bone real hard, here is one of the funniest video games for you. This mobile game is the most unique compilation of object finding games where you simply play, search for objects and find games with hilarious funny jokes to laugh like never before.

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Hilarious Hidden Object Game with Funny Jokes is a unique mixture of hilarious jokes and searching hidden objects game that will not only make you laugh but also train your brain. There are more than 2000 objects for you to search for in the game. Search for missing items when you are given a picture or a silhouette and search for objects hidden in anagrams. You can also click on the ‘light bulb’ when you can’t see things in the dark.

Further, there is a special level with a time limit, and the timer adds in a lot of heat and drama to this search and find game. You can also play many other mini games for brain to keep learning and laughing.

Hilarious Hidden Object Game with Funny Jokes is one of the funniest video games as well as the best relaxing game for brain that is soon set to become your new favourite.

8. Two Point Hospital

Deadly diseases are never fun, unless you are in the Two Point Hospital, where you have to manage everything from staff recruitment to building toilets while ensuring a healthy profit.

You play as the owner of a health firm called Two Point Foundation, in a fictional place called Two Point County. Your responsibilities are first to lay-out the wards, offices and amenities, next to balance the budget, and finally to achieve medical excellence through staff training, fiscal rectitude and detailed personnel management.

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Two Point Hospital is a rare thing in gaming; it’s genuinely amusing as well as one of the funniest video games. The gags range from silly puns to razor wire social commentary, and they’re an integral part of this zany world. It is not an ultra-realistic simulation of a real hospital though. But there are lots of dry humour sprinkled throughout, regarding staff, diseases and more.

For instance, patients with light-headedness have a light bulb as their head and the treatment requires a machine that unscrews this light bulb and replaces it with their real head. And a Pan-demic is simply someone with a Pan stuck on the head. And yes, the treatment involves pulling the fry pan out of the patient’s head. This might sound ridiculous but its unique approach also qualifies it as one of the funniest video games out there.

Further, a radio station and a hospital announcer poke fun at the inanities of modern life, as well as the cruelty of commercialized care. Two Point Hospital is undoubtedly a time-stealer and light-hearted humour one needs for a daily dose of humour.

9. West of Loathing

Like other humorous games, West of Loathing is not a game with jokes in it, instead it’s a game made out of jokes. And this makes it unique and one of the funniest video games of the list.

West of Loathing is a follow-up to the browser-based indie hit Kingdom of Loathing, a stick-figure fantasy adventure where absurdity and jokes do all the heavy lifting that graphics might in a higher-budget game. The game’s developers describe it as a “slapstick comedy stick-figure wild west adventure role-playing game”, and while that phrase rolls the tongue off all the grace, it’s basically accurate.

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In a black-and-white side-scrolling world, you play as a young cowboy or cowgirl who’s heading west to seek fortune and punch cows. Or use bean magic on them or sell them snake oil or simply talk to them for a long, long time.

And West of Loathing has a lot of text but its good text. Punchy text. Funny text. Even the screens that tell you about the items you found and the XP you’ve gained have some real crack-ups written into them.

There’s no escaping West of Loathing’s relentless humour, but that humour is so warm and clever that it never gets old. The writing aims to subvert its own tropes at all times and in all ways, and there’s simply no way to see all the punch lines coming as a result.

The game’s easy going playfulness also makes it one of the funniest video games of all time. It’s worth noting, that while West of Loathing’s jokes are subversive, they’re rarely mean. It’s a generally good-natured game full of weird but mostly kind characters. The west is wild, but it also has got a real hear.

10. Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is unarguably dumb but that’s what makes it one of the funniest video games of all time.

The people-licking, goat rocketing, open-world madness that was first launched Coffee Stain Studios’ in 2014 gives players the chance to experience what few games offer — pure comedic chaos.

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In Goat Simulator, players do “stupid shit” and complete missions to score points that help them unlock more goats. The game features extreme ragdoll physics and basic functions to jump, run and slow down time, as well as a lick feature that allows you to latch on to everything – from basketballs to people and cars.

Further, this game is welcome to be played by all age groups and serve as the perfect time-pass during small get together with family or friends.