The spookiest night of the year, the most entertaining event of the year, and the most fun party of the year are here! It’s Halloween night, but parties will look very different for a lot of people this year.

You’re maybe hosting your very first social-distanced IRL bash, or you’re having a Zoom Halloween hang. Or perhaps you’re only planning a little celebration for yourself and yourself alone, which we totally brace for the record. And we got something for you to keep you entertained, be it a virtual get-together or those worthy self-pampering moments.

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One of the many things we terribly miss about our lives prior to the pandemic is hanging out with friends and family. But if there’s one particular thing of stepping out that we genuinely miss the most is dressing up. All of us miss putting together glamorous outfits and posting those #OOTD selfies on social media.

What if we tell you can relive those moments again, right here, right now at your fingertips. Yes, you heard us right! This year, as we celebrate Halloween under protocols and restrictions, we present a list of fashion and dress-up games that’ll keep your Halloween night and mood high.

These games will transport you to Halloween themed costume parties to give you the best ghoulish celebration this year. If you’re a big fan of fashion and dress-up games, let your imagination run wild and free and become the star of the night. Soar high this Halloween with your dazzling style statement!

1. Halloween Salon

A good Halloween salon is all that we need before hitting that nice costume themed party. After all, you don’t want to show up in the same dress as another girl!

Halloween costume game Halloween Salon
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‘Halloween Salon’, launched by Libii, lets you get all creative and design your cool, cute, or spooky Halloween outfit. This video game enables you to pick all sorts of strange clothes, unique makeup, colourful masks, and many more to make you stand out on October 31st night.

Moreover, Halloween night in this game is full of life and magical in its real senses; you’ll see partygoers dress up as spooks, ghosts, walking skeletons, witches, and wizards; often accompanied by bats, black cats and spiders.

The Halloween entertainment starts with a soothing spa, so your game avatar’s hair and skin are flawless at the costume party. You can then help her choose a skin tone, hairstyle, eye colour and put on her makeup. Beyond that, you can play around with your creativity and design beautiful masks as well for your gamer girl.

Then begins the most exciting bit where you accompany your avatar in selecting a unique suit of clothes, stocking, shoes, and the matched accessories, including necklace, earrings, bracelet and headgear. Last but not least, you help your avatar choose a unique prop such as magic wands, lamps, and candies.

After you dress her up for the spookiest yet loveliest night of the year, take pride in seeing your Halloween model grace the biggest costume party. So if you are looking to have the coolest and spookiest style this Hallows Eve, delay no longer and hop into Halloween Salon now.

2. Gothic Dress Up

It’s not the Great Pumpkin or Hannibal Lecter or Wednesday Addams who are spooking up the air this Halloween night, but rather it’s these Goth girls who are curdling blood left and right. And it’s on you to make them look hair-rising as well as bewitching.

Halloween costume game Gothic Dress Up Halloween
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In this video game, get on to design costumes for six Goth girls. Their love for all things black and the beautiful dark lipstick shades never ceases to amaze the world and to try your hands at dark fashion on Halloween night is undoubtedly a dream of every Gothic fashionista.

The Gothic fashion style offered in this dress up game is both dark and dramatic, but what steals the limelight is its glamorous appeal. Summon the glittering and alluring darkness with the game’s gorgeous cloth line, ranging from black and tartan miniskirts to Edwardian blouses.

There are as many as 200 pieces of clothes and intricate accessories for you to pick from to give these Goth girls a stunning and mysterious look. Beyond all the makeover, these fallen angels and gothic lolitas took the glamour and glitter game a notch higher with their impressive wings.

And the biggest giveaway of this Halloween frolic is that everything in ‘Gothic Dress Up’, launched by Best Dress Up Games For Girls is entirely free, without any in-app purchases, locks or timers.

3. Crazy Halloween Party

‘Crazy Halloween Party’ is arguably the champion of all Halloween costume video games. Imagine getting invited to a crazy and spooky party, where the Party Queen of this year will be born. And it can be you! All you have got to do is dress up and party hard.

From bold cosmetics and colourful nail paints to fancy costumes and exotic accessories, this Halloween video game gives you all to spark your creativity and make heads turn on the party night. Moreover, this fun game gives you an actual party feels as it lets you go places and make friends and socialize while competing for the ‘Party Queen’ title.

The beautiful night views bring this Halloween entertainer to life.

Halloween Costume Crazy Halloween party
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‘Crazy Halloween Part’ begins with entering the Libii Mall, where you start prepping for the party with a haircut. Then you go on to match it with dazzling dresses and finally add some spooky accessories to complement the night. Then you march on to the Beauty Salon and Nail Salon, where you get to awaken the inner artist in you and experiment with makeup- crazy or weird, scary or cute, just like the way you want it.

And after you’re dressed to the nines, you’re all set to hit the party and wait for the biggest revelation of the night- the ‘Party Queen’. While you have a gala time enjoying the night, don’t forget to click a few snaps in the Magic Park to cherish the beautiful moments forever.

4. Blair’s Halloween Boutique

If you adore playing dress-up with fashion, here’s your go-to Halloween video game. Explore your love for extravagant dressing as you step in Blair’s shoes and style up your clients for All Hallows Eve.

It’s Halloween, it’s the busiest time of the year, and Blair’s boutique is filled with guests. All the gorgeous girls have their calendars marked for the night, from sweet dates and birthday parties to trick or treats and auditions for the best costume.

Style up all, and give them a magnificent and spooky makeover, and make their holiday a memorable one.

Halloween costume ideas, Halloween game for girls
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Here is the ultimate designing and makeover game with endless clothes and accessories to experiment and try with for all fashionmongers and virtual styling enthusiasts. This video game boasts a massive selection of garments, perhaps more than you’ve ever seen in a cosplay & fashion simulator.

Let the inner fashionista in you free and explore your talent and skill as an outfit designer, and steal the show in Election of Party Queen. Not just that, ‘Blair’s Boutique’ also lets you pick different courses on designing and styling, so you achieve higher skills and titles. There’s no day when you don’t make progress in the boutique.

This video game is indeed one of the best you’ve ever seen.

5. Sweet Baby Girl Halloween Fun

TutoTOONS’ Halloween video game is a treat for all moms. As only a few hours of trick-or-treating, buckets of candies and costumes aren’t enough to keep your little monsters entertained on Halloween. So why not escape into a virtual Halloween world with your child?

Snuggle together and go in the most adventurous and thrilling Halloween ride playing ‘Sweet Baby Girl Halloween Fun’. There are many amusing and entertaining features in the game for you to indulge in. Clean up and carve a pumpkin with your child as you two help the game’s protagonist make a scary jack-o’-lantern – the iconic Hallows Eve symbol.

Move on hand-in-hand with your child to decorate the sweet baby girl’s dream house for the night. Let your creativity and imagination run wild and brighten up the interiors with jack-o’-lanterns, and complement them with hanging bats and flying ghosts.

Halloween, Halloween costume
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And finally begins the bit we all have been eagerly waiting for- creating your dream Halloween look. Pick from hundreds of scary costumes and turn your game avatar into any character you want- a witch or a zombie, a cat or an angel. Mix and match fabrics, shoes, and accessories and bring together this year’s most stunning look.

Don’t forget to match your stunning witch costume or mix and match spooky outfits with some marvelous mattes and eye shadows.

Topping all these features is DIY costume for Halloween. The game lets you craft the most fantastic witch costume- sew a hat, a mask, and a dress. If you need a Halloween prop, you can do that too!

Now that you two are all set for the night of witchcraft and wizardry, magic and fun, march on to play the best Halloween video games with your toddler. Visit the House of Secrets and train and test your memory, try to catch as many ghosts, vampires, bats, and monsters in a thrilling hide-and-seek game.

Hop onto your broomstick and fly across the city and forest collecting pumpkins and finally, end the party watching the scariest movies as you munch on yummy candies.

6. Princess Fashion Designer – Girls Dress Up Games

The night of the dark parade of ghastly ghouls, sassy witches, and bloodthirsty vampires is here. And while Hallows Eve is the ultimate international scare day, it doesn’t mean your Halloween attire has to be horror-themed. It’s absolutely alright if you want to dress up as the ’50s pirates, Mario Cart, Superman, or Disney characters.

And if you are enthralled by the whimsical, magical, and beautiful princess, we got you covered this Halloween, but with a desi twist. Give a top model a complete traditional Halloween makeover and become the best super stylist fashion designer of the party night.

‘Princess Fashion Designer’, launched by GameSticky, involves a vast range of salon activities and dress-up challenges that’ll keep you hooked this Halloween.

Halloween costume, Halloween
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This video game over pours an array of activities for you to drench in. Test your styling and designing skills of Indian attires with gajra making, jewellery making, shoemaking, clutch making, Mehendi designing, saree designing, hair designing, and mangalsutra designing.

Beyond the customary trends, there’s also a massive wardrobe of western attires and suaveness that you’re free to explore and try with. This free video game is a complete package to explore fashion design and styles.

7. Halloween Make Up Salon: Dressup Games for Girls

In this game, you have countless festival themes, such as beautiful monsters, lovely witches, and bloody vampires, and it’s on you to make your game avatar look enticing as ever on Halloween night.

This Halloween night of witches and wizards, and Halloween is not just for girls but for everyone. You can select your avatar from a vast range of Halloween fashion characters and dress them up the way you want. You actually get to do everything from scratch in the game- pretend market play and enjoy spooky shopping in the game’s Halloween hypermarket.

Halloween dress up
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After all the shopping and dressing up, apply make-up, and face paint to make your avatar stand out the most in the crowd. You can amp up the spooky game by decorating their pretty faces with eyelash paints, spine-chilling stickers, and dark shades of lipsticks.

Surprises are never-ending in the game launched by NewAge Apps. You’ll be amazed by the Halloween-themed fun games, the zombie booths, free Halloween wallpapers, and decorations.

If you are looking for all the fun of a Halloween night in one place, here’s your go-to game.